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Collection managers, archivists, conservators, entomologists and pest
management professionals will be gathering next week for the Integrated Pest
Management Working Group's annual meeting hosted this year by the Winterthur
Museum, Garden and Library.  Participants work individually and
collaboratively on updating and expanding the content available to all on
our website <>   


We are always interested in receiving feedback from our community regarding
new resources that you would like to see.  Good quality images of insect and
rodent pests as well as pest damage are always helpful.  We also invite
colleagues worldwide to translate any of our documents, which we will be
happy to host to expand the reach of our content.  


I encourage you to follow museumpests on our blog, like us on Facebook, or follow our social
media's tweets using #museumpests and #frassFridays  


Thank you,

Rachael Arenstein

IPM Working Group Chair



Rachael Perkins Arenstein

A.M. Art Conservation, LLC

Conservation Treatment, Preservation Consulting & Collection Management

Tel: 917-796-1764 <> <> 


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