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Without seeing anything indicating scale outside of the gravel, I can only
say that it resembles some of the large ground beetles I saw while hiking
in the Cibola National Forest this weekend.  Ground beetles become fairly
active during the summer in the Southwest, so they do tend to wander in
from the outside.  I sometimes find them in my museum in New Mexico, and it
is easy to just scoop them up with a dustpan and toss them outside.  They
are predators and scavengers, so unless you have a live insect collection
they will not be a direct threat to a collection.

Thank you,

Michael R.

On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 9:35 AM, Wingfield, Erika <
> wrote:

> Hello Again,
> First off thank you for your replies to my previous inquiry! We have yet
> another mystery beetle in a different location this time—I have attached
> pictures—according to our security team this guy was found strolling around
> a gallery that has Samurai Armor. He was found on the floor. It is
> difficult to say if he is just one of the many beetles that are becoming
> more active due to rising temperatures as we begin our summer here in
> Arizona. Any clues would be much appreciated.
> Thank you!
> Erika

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