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Hi everyone,

I am looking for suggestions for bait for snap trap style mouse traps in our 
collections storage areas. We previously used peanut butter with some success, 
but concerns have been raised about potential staff and visitor allergies due 
to the peanut butter potentially being spread around and urinated out by the 
mice who escape the traps. I read somewhere that gummy bears might work as 
bait, but that was in the context of rat traps and I have not yet tried them 
for mice. (Thankfully, we don't have a rat problem!). Obviously, I would prefer 
a solution that will not add to our insect pest issues. Total exclusion of mice 
is difficult if not impossible as we are in an old building with an infinite 
number of possible entry points.


Dee Stubbs-Lee, CAPC, MA
Conservator / Restauratrice
New Brunswick Museum/
Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick
277 Douglas Avenue
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2K 1E5

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