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I'm wondering if anyone can share info on the fiscal impact of addressing
pest issues reactively vs proactively, whether there are publications I've
missed or if anyone is willing to share their experiences?

In trying to soften the blow of proposed costs incurred in preventive
treatments (freezing, anoxia), we're attempting to highlight with hard
numbers the costs of treating infestations after the fact, i.e., cost of
hiring extra staff, hiring external companies to freeze at volume, delays
in exhibition, shut down of facilities.  The goal being hard numbers
underscore the cost effectiveness and good business sense of preventive

If anyone can share thoughts, please contact me here: and
thank you in advance.

Maria Fusco

Maria Fusco
*Chief Conservator*

*Margaret Wing Dodge Chair in Conservation*
Foggy Bottom: 701 21st Street, NW  • Washington, DC 20052
Avenir Center: 44930 Knoll Square • Ashburn, VA 20147
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