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I have a couple of questions about anoxic pest treatments using oxygen
scavengers. I more commonly use low-temperature treatment and I'm more
familiar with that technique, but I understand the anoxia is recommended
for laminate structures and painted wood.

My first question is about oxygen indicators. I know that the Ageless
indicators are prone to failure, but more sophisticated instrumentation is
expensive. I have received quotes for both the MOCON OpTech Model P and the
PreSens Fibox 4, but at over $5K they are out of our budget for this fiscal
year. Does anyone have a less expensive solution, or, alternately,
equipment that we could rent for a singe project?

My second question has do to with the basic premise that anoxia is safer
than freezing, and the basis of my concern is relative humidity. With
anoxia induced by oxygen scavengers (which is the system I have available
to me) the RH ultimately goes to 0% - or else the scavengers aren’t
working. 21 days of this does not seem safer than 72 hours of freezing -
what am I missing?

Nicole Grabow

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