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Dear all,

We here at the Ministry of Culture in Antigua and Barbuda (Caribbean) are 
hoping in very short time to apply for funding to assist with the 
rehabilitation of a small number of 20th-century artefacts (sculptures (mostly 
wooden), framed paintings, and wooden plaques) currently being housed at a site 
that is in severe disrepair.  While we would ideally like to get started right 
away with the stabilisation and/or restoration of the items, we are aware that 
any expert approached would first like to assess the objects in person.

To this end, I am asking after the availability of any conservator subscribed 
to this list to undertake an assessment/analysis over the course of 2018. 
Unfortunately, at this point, I can get no more specific than "sometime in 
2018".   Further, we are interested in knowing if it would be possible, with 
photos and dimensions given beforehand, for any guidance to be offered towards 
the formulation of a budget that would refer to the stabilisation and/or 
restoration of the sculpture pieces that are most under threat (from termite 

Warm regards.

Hazra C. Medica

Advisor/Consultant on Cultural Matters
Ministry of Trade, Commerce & Industry
Ministry of Sports, Culture & National Festivals
Sir Vivian Richards Stadium
North Sound,  Antigua W.I.

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