The absolute first thing to start with is the streams benchmark. You must 
run it yourself (or have it run by someone you trust) you cannot rely on what a 
vendor or someone on the web says about the performance.  We provide an MPI 
based version in PETSc in src/benchmarks/streams when it is run you must also 
insure that all proper process and memory affinities are set properly (this is 
not always easy) 

   You'll want to know the streams numbers per core, per node and across the 

   This is the foundation for understanding the machine, any additional 
benchmarks are just gravy that can only slightly change your understanding of 
the machine.

   Note this advice is only for PETSc-type "PDE" simulations, other types of 
simulations may need very different benchmarks.


> On Sep 16, 2016, at 11:43 AM, Chris Kees <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a set of HPC  benchmarks that the core PETSc developers recommend 
> for evaluating architectures? Meaning to evaluating claims about performance 
> to support rational acquisition decisions on new systems. I recall speaking 
> briefly with Jed at a conference about a benchmark that was  more  
> representative of  PDE  calculations, maybe representing a Krylov  iteration 
> arising from an unstructured mesh or  something like that. I'm talking about 
> long term acquisition of real workhorse petascale systems not the cutting 
> edge.
> Thanks,
> Chris 

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