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Eric Chamberland <eric.chamberl...@giref.ulaval.ca> writes:

why does mpi stuff appears in the first one and not the second?

I would prefer to have "-lmpi" in the second one too... When is it
decided to "hide" external packages "under" PETSc? At configuration time?

I don't know what pkg-config recommends in this situation, but consider
that petscsys.h includes mpi.h so a corresponding -I flag needs to be on
the command line any time you compile code that calls PETSc.  If your
application never calls MPI directly, it would be safe to link without

ok, understood. We do have MPI calls (C API). I then have to add -lmpi myself and not rely on pkg-config of PETSC for this one and it is normal...

Also note that PETSc provides symbols (like PETSC_COMM_WORLD) which also
have the effect that merely calling PETSc does not require directly
referencing MPI symbols (MPI_COMM_WORLD is a symbol, not a macro, in
Open MPI).

And that PETSc built with MPICH can be linked unmodified with other
conforming MPI implementations.


ok, that's interesting to know about!

I explicitly prohibited to execute with a different MPI lib/version than the one used to compile. I could relax a bit this constraint then...

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