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> hi,
> I have a DMPlex which I pass in to DMCreateGlobalVector() to create a
> vector, and then use VecView() to view the vector.
> If the DM happens to contain no points on one process, this still works
> fine if I view the vector using PETSC_VIEWER_STDOUT_WORLD.
> However if I create an HDF5 viewer using PetscViewerHDF5Open() and try to
> view the vector using that, it crashes with the error message "Could not
> classify input Vec for VTK".
> It goes into VecView_Plex_Local_HDF5_Internal(), which calls
> DMPlexGetFieldType_Internal() (plex.c:93). This has some conditionals
> testing if vStart < pEnd or cStart < pEnd, which are never satisfied
> because pEnd = 0. This is what leads to it raising the error.
> This function returns the point range sStart, sEnd and field type ft. To
> handle the case where there are no points on the process, should it perhaps
> just return sStart, sEnd = 0,0 and a default (or maybe null) value for ft?

Crap, this is a problem. I will have to put some parallel code in there
because everyone must agree on the ft.


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