What, if anything, really needs to be installed to $prefix/bin?

>From the Homebrew lead maintainer.

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> doesn't this attitude complete defeat the purpose of a package manager?

You're asking of the hardest working package manager maintainers in the world 
(@ilovezfs). Chances he has a better idea about the purpose of a package 
manager than you do.

> I cannot understand not wanting a package because it is complicated to 
> install.

This is perhaps because you do not maintain a package manager.

> What you're suggesting is that any software using PETSc should either force 
> users to compile it from scratch or discontinue supporting macOS entirely.

No, what's being suggested is that PETSc's currently upstream installation is a 
mess and we don't want to maintain the hacks required to make it not one 
indefinitely. You can copy and paste this formula as-is into a tap and it'll 
work for you just fine.

> That seems like the wrong approach for a package manager.

In the package manager you maintain you should take a different approach, then.

> Just my opinion...

If you have to end your statement like that: it's probably worth keeping quiet 
in future, please.


To be clear, I'm not being harsh here because I like doing so but because this 
entitled, know-it-all attitude literally kills open source projects and 
@ilovezfs's motivation is more important to me than allowing that to go 

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