Hi everybody-

Figured I’d ask this here before I go reinventing the wheel.

I’m writing an autoconf installer (the standard Linux configure/make package) 
for an acoustic wave propagation modeling package that builds PETSc and SLEPc 
as part of the installation process.  I’d like to be able to test for instances 
of PETSc already being installed on the user’s machine and, if possible, 
whether they’re the debug version.  I know I can check for the existence of the 
PETSC_DIR environmental variable, and parse the PETSC_ARCH variable for 
“debug”, and I’ll do that as a first pass, but has anybody written any M4 tests 
that are more reliable than those (i.e. actually attempting to link to the 
libraries)?  I had one user who had the libraries installed in /usr/local/bin 
but didn’t have the environmental variables set in their profile, so the linker 
was confused and it took a while to figure out what was going weird with the 

If not, I guess I’ll be putting on my Autoconf gloves and getting my hands 

-Claus Hetzer

Claus Hetzer
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