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> Dear PETSc developers / Matt
> Thanks for your suggestions regarding our use of dmplex in a FEM context.
> However, Matt's advise on  using the PetscFE is not sufficient for our
> needs (our end goal is a topology optimization framework - not just FEM)
> and we must honestly admit that we do not see how we can use the MATIS and
> the MatSetValuesClosure or DMPlexMatSetClosure to solve our current issues
> as Stefano has suggested.
> We have therefore created a more representative, yet heavily
> oversimplified, code example that demonstrates our problem. That is, the
> dof handling is only correct on a single process and goes wrong on np>1.
> We hope very much that you can help us to overcome our problem.

Okay, I will look at it and try to rework it to fix your problem.

I am in London this week, so it might take me until next week.



> Thank you for an excellent toolkit
> Morten and Niels

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