I've come across an irregularity when extracting the eigenvectors when using 
the CISS method to solve the eigenvalue problem.  I'm solving a generalized 
hermitian problem, and it looks like the resulting eigenvectors are 
M-orthogonalized with each other (the M-inner products of different 
eigenvectors are approximately 0, as expected), but are normalized using the 
L2-inner product, not the M-inner product.  Basically, the matrix V'*M*V (V 
being a matrix composed of the extracted eigenvectors) is diagonal, but the 
diagonals are much larger than 1, and the matrix V'*V has non-zero diagonals, 
but the diagonal elements are exactly equal to 1.

This only happens if I use the CISS method.  If I use the Arnoldi method for 
example, the eigenvectors are normalized as expected.  Is there any particular 
reason for this, or is this an error in the implementation?


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