I just found a user group on PETSc website. Can someone please answer the
question below?


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From: HeeHo Park <heeho.p...@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 5:04 PM
Subject: what is the equivalent DMDAVecRestoreArray() function in petsc4py?
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Hi Lisandro,

I cannot find DMDAVecRestoreArray() equivalent in petsc4py.
I'm trying to set a 1D initial condition like this.

def initial_conditions(ts, U, appctx):
    da = ts.getDM()
    mstart,xm = da.getCorners()
    mstart = mstart[0]
    xm = xm[0]
    M = da.getSizes()[0]
    h = 1.0/M
    mend = mstart + xm

    u = da.getVecArray(U)
    for i in range(mstart, mend):
        u[i] = np.sin(np.pi*i*6.*h) + 3.*np.sin(np.pi*i*2.*h)


Also, is there a better way to ask questions about petsc4py? a forum? or


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