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    Hi All,

    What cell types does DMPlexCreateFromCellList support? I test this
    with triangle, tetrahedron and prism. Both triangle and
    tetrahedron work but prism mesh throws error saying "Cone size 6
    not supported for dimension 3".

    Could anyone tell me all the supported cell types?

The limitation occurs in two places:

  1) Calculating edges and faces: I only know how to do this for tri, tet, quad, and hex. Give PETSC_FALSE to CreateFromCellList() and this error will go away.
Passing PETSC_FALSE to CreateFromCellList() works. There is no problem in the distributed nodes and cells. Is there any plan to add prism(wedge) in the near future?

      You could also provide the information for interpolating prisms, which would depend on how they are ordered when you read in cells.

  2) Even if you read them in, I have no geometric routines for prisms.
That's fine for me. I just need to create dmplex based on the given cell/vertex list and distribute over all the processors. Then follow the general routines that have been used in the structured grid.







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