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> Thank you for your answer! Please see below for comments/questions.
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>> For nonlinear solves which stay the same size, you do nothing.
> "nothing" in terms of "nothing you can do" or "nothing you have to do"?

I would say "nothing you have to do". Nonlinear solvers work by just
setting two callback routines to compute the residual and the
Jacobian. The user-defined residual routine receives a vector you have
to put values in, same for the Jacobian routine, you have to put
values in the (already preallocated) matrix that is reused on each
newton step, and on each successive solve. SNES will take care of
everything else (in particular, updating the KSP linear solver, and
refreshing the preconditioner, always trying to reuse
already-preallocated internal data structures as much as possible).
All what what I said for SNES applies to TS, in case you ever want to
give it a chance.

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