Klaus Burkart <k_burk...@yahoo.com> writes:

> For a symmetric matrix:
> I assume, I should compute the number of nonzeros per row just for the upper 
> triangle?


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>  Klaus Burkart <k_burk...@yahoo.com> writes:
>> Hi, 
>> How can I preallocate space for matrices (some symmetric, others
>> asymmetric) if I have the global number of nonzeros (NNZ) but not the
>> number of nonzeros per row? 
> Unfortunately, this is not enough for efficient assembly.  It is more
> efficient to over-estimate.
>> I could compute the NNZ for the upper or lower part separately if this
>> would be useful for symmetric matrices.
>> I create the matrix this way:
>>     MatCreate(PETSC_COMM_WORLD, &M);
>>     MatSetSizes(M, PETSC_DECIDE, PETSC_DECIDE, N, N);
>>     MatSetFromOptions(M);
>> Klaus  

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