Thank you for you response Stuart.

I realized after a little more messing around that bridge0 is not necessary.

The only reason I had vlan34 is so in the future i would be able to have more 
vlans over wireless (if even possible).  

But i think bridging vlan14 and ural0 should serve the purpose.  I will give it 
a whirl.  Once again thank you.


--- On Tue, 8/11/09, Stuart Henderson <> wrote:

From: Stuart Henderson <>
Subject: Re: Wifi with VLAN
To: "abs" <>
Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 5:05 PM

On 2009/08/11 12:53, abs wrote:
> I have 3 interfaces:
> dc0 (ext)
> dc1 (int)
> ural0 (wifi)
> dc0 has vlans 3,4 and 10 coming in.
> i would like to put dc1 (int) on vlan 3, 4,10 and ural0 (wifi) on vlan 4
> I have been playing around with multiple bridge configurations but cannot 
> seem to figure out the right configuration to get this to work.  Below are my 
> /etc/hostname. entries:
> dc0: up
> dc1: up
> ural0: media autoselect mode 11g mediaopt hostap nwid testssid
> vlan110: inet NONE vlan 10 vlandev dc0
> vlan13: inet NONE vlan 3 vlandev dc0
> vlan14: inet NONE vlan 4 vlandev dc0
> vlan210: up vlan 10 vlandev dc1
> vlan23: up vlan 3 vlandev dc1
> vlan34: up vlan 4 vlandev ural0
> bridge0: add dc0 add dc1 add ural0 up
> bridge3: add vlan13 add vlan23 up
> bridge4: add vlan14 add vlan34 up
> bridge10: add vlan110 add vlan210 up
> I am having no problem communicating on vlan 10 and 3 over dc0 and dc1 
> (physical interfaces), but i cannot seem to get the wireless to function.  
> the wireless clients are connecting to the wireless network but are unable to 
> ping any device what so ever even the ip of vlan14.  My pf rules are set to 
> pass all.  Am i misunderstanding or doing something wrong? Would someone be 
> able to point me in the right direction?  Thank you very much in advance.

Do you really want clients of the hostap to have to tag packets as
vlan4 (as you're doing above), or do you actually want untagged clients
on the hostap bridged to vlan4 on dc0? (in which case drop vlan34
completely and just bridge ural0 with vlan14)

You probably don't need bridge0 (although maybe your description
is incomplete).


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