(PF on openbsd 4.8)

I've got two small questions about the stats returned by pfctl -s info

There are several state-mismatch. What does it mean?
state-mismatch                     79715            3.3/s

Same for the normalize counter, I don't have any scrub rule and I don't
know why some packets are normalized?
normalize                           7103            0.3/s


To finish, at $WORK we are migrating some Cisco router and Cisco PIX to
Packet Filter on OpenBSD(4.8) and I have made two tools to help:
Be aware that there are many limitations.

The other tool "jtacl" <https://listes.cru.fr/wiki/jtacl/> allows to
check Cisco ACL and PF rules between two points of a network. (There are
some limitations too...)


Best regards. 

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