* Patrick Lamaiziere <patf...@davenulle.org> [2011-01-17 17:30]:
> Hello,
> (PF on openbsd 4.8)
> I've got two small questions about the stats returned by pfctl -s info
> There are several state-mismatch. What does it mean?
> state-mismatch                     79715            3.3/s

you received that mnay packets that failed to match a state entry even
tho they should. That is the case with tcp and sequence number out of

> Same for the normalize counter, I don't have any scrub rule and I don't
> know why some packets are normalized?
> normalize                           7103            0.3/s

IPvShit jumbograms are dropped with the normalize counter increased
wether scrubbing is there or not.
fragments go to the reassembler (which might drop some, increasing
the normalize counter) unless you set reassemble to no (defaults to yes).

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