* Eric Lee <ele...@gmail.com> [2011-05-10 10:30]:
> I'm trying to use scrub max-mss rules to create asymmetric MSS's.
> Is this supported?  So far, I haven't got it to work (hence my post here).
> The machine is running OpenBSD 4.9 with 2 network cards.
> I have been trying things like:
> match out on $ext proto tcp scrub(max-mss 1000) flags S/SA
> match in on $ext proto tcp scrub(max-mss 500) flags SA/SA

that doesn't work because only one of those two rules ever matches a
given connection, from then on the state decides.

using two match rules on different interfaces should work i think. the
only other option is stateless, but that is stupid for many many reasons.

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