I quoted from the OpenBSD FAQ:
> net.inet.carp.preempt         Allow hosts within a redundancy group
>                               that have a better advbase and advskew
>                               to preempt the master. In addition, this
>                               option also enables failing over a group
>                               of interfaces together in the event that
>                               one interface goes down. If one physical
>                               CARP-enabled interface goes down, CARP
>                               will increase the demotion counter,
>                               carpdemote, by 1 on interface groups that
>                               the carp(4) interface is a member of, in
>                               effect causing all group members to fail-
>                               over together. 
> I did establish an interface group for my two CARP interfaces, but I did
> not do my failover tests while it was in that state. As I said, I clearly
> need to re-do my tests.

I re-did my tests this morning, and yes indeed, both CARP interfaces in
the CARP group switch automatically between the BACKUP and MASTER states
when I do abusive things to one of the connections. I say "automatically"
instead of "simultaneously" because there was a bit of a delay while the
reconnected link negotiated speed. I blame Cisco for that.

Thanks for all the assistance, I found this exchange to be quite helpful.


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