The simplest way to do this is probably to use multiple route tables, then you 
can use rtable in pf.conf instead of route-to.

Your 'pass in' rule won't match outgoing connections from the machine itself. wrote:

>I recently moved from OpenBSD 4.9 to 5.2, and onto a new machine with  
>an extra enet port for the backup cable modem. DSL with a block of  
>static IPs is the primary external interface. My plan was add rules  
>with route-to to route specific traffic to the cable modem.
>First thing, I can't seem to write a rule that will route anywhere  
>other than to the default interface. For example, a rule such as "pass 
>in quick on em0 from any to keep state route-to ( em2  
>$em2GatewayAddr )" should do it. But then "telnet" causes a  
>packet to go out em1, which is the interface hosting the default  
>route. "pfctl -vvs rules" does show the route-to rule as one would  
>expect, and it is being evaluated, but no packets match. I can't see  
>any reason for packets to not match.
>A second problem is that the cable modem must get an address using  
>DHCP. To route to the cable modem, I assume that route-to rules must  
>contain the gateway address. But it is not clear how to get that from  
>DHCP issued address into a rule. Is there a way to do it, or is my  
>approach incorrect ?

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