2013-01-15 11:10, Daniel Hartmeier skrev:
Wait, the squid server is on a separate host, on the $int_if side of the
firewall (the same side the clients are on)?

Then transparent proxying would require "reflection", and doesn't work, see

If squid is seeing TCP_MISS errors, that probably means the clients are
using the proxy explicitely (not transparently), and the rdr is not
being used at all...

This worked for the past years how?


Yes! This machine has been in service since Freebsd 7.2.

That's why I'm totally lost and ask for advise.

It's one machine with two nic's functioning as a gateway running pf and squid as proxy.

The problems showed themselves when squid updated to version 3.2.

Any help to clarify the situation is appreciated.



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