I am not generally against video games and other related online stuff. But my 
son (age 16) is in WOW, COD, Mindcraft and the like by approximatly 8 to 12 h a 
day. The same is to be observed in my friends families. Our children get lost 
to their loved ones because of computer game addiction. Cutting of the Internet 
completely doesn't work. He would walk over to one of his friends and keep on 
gaming there. Talking to him for hope of reaching common sense has been a vain 
endeavour so far.

So I do not want to cut him off the internet completely, just limit his 
bandwidth so much that he is throttled if he has reached a set time limit or 
else if he reaches a certain amount of gb used.

So the question is: is pf (ALTQ especially) able to cope with these 
requirements? And if how would such rules in pf.conf look? I am by far no pf 
guru but have run a OpenBSD SOHO server for about 10 years. So I think I do 
have a basic unterstanding of pf matters.

Every helpful answer is whole-heartedly appreciated.

Just one thing: Please stick to the technical focus of the question. 
Educational advice need not be given as I have received enough of it in the 
past already. And as far as I have seen and heard I am not the only father 
having to deal with these kind of problems. Thank you.

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"Awfully Livid Parents Against Computer Addiction - ALPACA"

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