On 5.12.2013 3:16, Walt Elam wrote:
I need to forward ports 88 (UDP), 3074 (UDP/TCP), 53 (UDP,TCP), and 80
(TCP) to the xbox360. This seems simple enough but I have been unsuccessful.

Hi Walt,

I don't do exactly the same, but almost. Check out my pf.conf at


There you can see that I forward certain ports to machine named "core7".

I also use 3 separate VLANs to the cable modem to get 3 (out of 5 that
I pay for) different IP addresses from the ISP. 1 is mapped to PS3, one
to a PC "core7", and the rest share the third IP address. So, there
is some extra complexity in my pf.conf.

Hope it helps.


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