I realize that this May seem like a dumb question for one of the developers.
I didn't expect a detailed message or exact answer. I have spent much time
reading different ideas and by doing so learned much more while on this
path. I have not posted on here except a time or two. I have ordered cd's
(which I never received) and donated money. Not a lot but it was what I
could. But I'll be damned if I do again. I will keep mouth shut and read to
learn here but will not be in support whether it be money or help for others
in the future as my knowledge grows. If I knew a private way to send this
post and to whom I would have....

Not blaming anyone. Didn't expect the elite brains to answer but no one else
answered either? Not mad or upset and if someone wants to flame at me go
ahead I will survive. One way or another I will be a contribution to the
open source programs. I hope it would be in the technology and ideas one day
but if not I'm sure the money would not hurt. Love the bsd operating system
and will learn it if by only reading then so be it. Do not count me out in
this industry. 

My apologies for not having the education of words and protocol, but like I
said I have a drive and love this stuff.

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