On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 09:42:44PM +0100, Sylwester S. Biernacki wrote:
>   What do you think about it? Any ideas what to look for?

  one - if you are reloading pf ( pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf ), that will 
        clear the table; but that's probably not your issue.

  two - if you have two peers, A and B, and both of them write to the
        same pf table <IX>, i believe the following scenario is true:

- establish session with A and learn about; is
  written to pftable <IX>
- establish session with B and learn about; is
  written to pftable <IX>, but it's already there, who cares; or maybe
  it isn't written because it's already there

  either way, pftable <IX> still has in it.

- A loses its route for and thus you lose it out of the session
  with A, bgpd removes from pftable <IX>

  it's still valid via B, but it got removed when A lost it.

  i use a unique pftable per BGP peer ( and then just reference
  each table in my pf rules in { braces } ) to avoid that

  could be this is fixed already and one of my peers is an old version?
  ( 3.8 stable; 3.8 current dec.16; 3.8 current from oct.2 )



[ openbsd 3.8 GENERIC ( dec 16 ) // i386 ]

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