Sorry this is such a basic question ...

I'm having difficulty understanding just what the difference is between saying

anchor "foo"


anchor "foo/*"

What exactly goes wrong if you leave off the "/*"? The implication is that without the "/*", rules inside the anchor "aren't evaluated" -- ??? But then, if they aren't evaluated then what does anchor "foo" accomplish? How do the filter rules in anchor foo get evaluated if all you say is anchor "foo" with no "/*"? If the anchor rules in anchor foo *are* evaluated when you say anchor "foo", then why bother with "/*" -- it just makes the rules harder to read.

Does this have to do with what may already be there in the anchor before an anchor rule for foo is seen for the first time?

This is all very confusing. The documentation and FAQ make it seem as though anchor "foo" and anchor "foo/*" should be synonymous.

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