Hello , thank you

But what I want is to negate list of ( list of tables, list of macros, lists of IPs ), i.e

I want

table <a> const {}
table <b> const {}
table <c> const {}
block from ! {<a>, <b>, <c>}

I explain in details in the last email

On 04/08/11 16:39, Daniel Hartmeier wrote:
On Fri, Apr 08, 2011 at 03:42:41PM +0300, Bojidara Marinchovska wrote:

So the correct question is how to accomplish

pass in quick on $netif from {$test1, $test2} to x.x.x.x
block in quick on $netif from any to x.x.x.x

with only 1 rule ?
While negating a list never does what you want, negating a table
does the expected:

   table<test>  const {, }
   block from !<test>  to x.x.x.x

The rule matches any source except and

See http://www.openbsd.org/faq/pf/tables.html for more examples.


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