On 11/02/2011 12:30:37 PM, Gholam Mostafa Faridi wrote:
> Hi
> In work place , we have over 24 computer and all of them are windows
> and 
> , I have NAT server . this NAT server use FreeBSD 8.2 AMD 64 , and I
> use 
> PF for NAT with FreeBSD 8.2 . after many search in google , I find
> this 
> pf.conf

Have you looked at the pf faq at www.openbsd.org or the man page,
especially the "Translation" section?

I seem to recall simple nat examples that you could use
once you change the IP numbers/networks to the ones you're

I don't understand your english but it sounds like you may
want "match binat-to" to get a 1-to-1 mapping between internal
and external IP numbers -- either assigned per individual ip
number, or with "bitmask" or perhaps with some other natting
method and "sticky-address".

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