> The following rule would not load:
> pass in quick on $IntIf inet proto tcp to port ftp divert-to lo0 port
> The error message was:
> pf.conf:207: address family mismatch for divert
> If lo0 is replaced with then it loads and works correctly.
> However, is properly substituted for lo0 when using rdr-to.
> George

It would be nice if this worked, though it looks like it's non-trivial
to do (rdr-to is parsed in a different way to divert-to) - however, I'd
like to make sure that at least the documentation for ftp-proxy is
correct, did you find this rule in documentation somewhere?

The only place where I found divert-to being referenced was in the ftp-proxy documentation, and it was shown with "". It was I that made the switch to lo0, to be consistent with other rules in the pf.conf.


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