Italy on the verge of the stupidest censorship law in European history

        Under the proposed law, the "site manager" of Italian media,
        including bloggers, newspapers and social networks would be
        obliged to censor "mockery" based on "the personal and social
        condition" of the victim -- that is, anything the recipient
        felt was personally insulting. The penalty for failing to take
        action is a fine of EUR100,000.  Truthfulness is not a defense
        in suits under this law -- the standard is personal insult,
        not falsehood.  Let's start with what this won't do: it won't
        stop bullying, harassment or revenge porn in Italy. The
        majority of services on which Italians express themselves are
        not based in Italy, and those with Italian sales-offices, etc,
        can and will simply move offices rather than face a EUR100,000
        fine every time someone insults someone else online.  But what
        it will do is create a tool for easy censorship without due
        process or penalty for misuse.  The standard proposed in the
        bill is merely that the person on the receiving end of the
        argument feel aggrieved. Think of the abuse of copyright
        takedowns: online hosts already receive millions of these,
        more than they could possibly evaluate, and so we have a
        robo-takedown regime that lets the rich and powerful routinely
        remove material that puts them in an unflattering light.

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