Off-Topic: Nazi who originated Donald Trump Jr.'s Skittles metaphor was hanged 
at Nuremberg

        The Intercept's Naomi LaChange presents the curious origins of
        Donald Trump Jr.'s tweet comparing Syrian refugees to poison
        Skittles. "The concept dates back at least to 1938 and a
        children's book called Der Giftpilz, or The Toadstool, in
        which a mother explains to her son that it only takes one Jew
        to destroy an entire people."


Makers of Skittles to Donald Trump Jr.: Please leave us out of your analogies

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So often when the Family Trump (originally in Germany it was "Drumpf" as
we know) opens their mouths, they invoke Nazi imagery to gladden the
hearts of their thuggish white supremacist supporters. It just happens
again and again and again. Yes, The Deplorables. It can't be accidental.

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