Off-Topic: New Yorker: President Trump's First Term

        Trump aides are organizing what one Republican close to the
        campaign calls the First Day Project. "Trump spends several
        hours signing papers--and erases the Obama Presidency," he
        said. Stephen Moore, an official campaign adviser who is a
        senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation ...  Michael Chertoff
        served both Bush Presidents--as a U.S.  Attorney in Bush,
        Sr.,'s Administration, and then as Secretary of Homeland
        Security under George W. Bush. He was one of fifty senior
        Republican national-security officials who recently signed a
        letter declaring that Trump "would be the most reckless
        President in American history." Chertoff told me that he has
        been approached for advice by younger Republicans who ask if
        joining Trump, after he has already been elected, would be
        regarded as patriotic, rather than political.  "I think
        anybody contemplating going in will have to have a very
        serious look in their own conscience, and make sure they're
        not kidding themselves," Chertoff said.

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Read it. Vomit. Then prevent it.

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