Lou Dobbs apologizes for publishing the address and telephone number of Trump 


        Earlier today TheBlaze reported that Fox Business personality
        Lou Dobbs had on two separate occasions tweeted out the phone
        number and home address of Jessica Leeds, one of the women who
        has accused Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of
        inappropriate behavior over the last 48 hours.  Dobbs has over
        700,000 followers on Twitter.  At some point today, the
        original tweet that contained the telephone number and address
        was taken down by the original user who tweeted it, although
        it is unclear if it was removed by the user or by Twitter
        staff. Throughout the afternoon, Dobbs' tweet remained
        visible.  Dobbs has since issued an apology on his twitter
        account, calling his tweet a "mistake."

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Accident? Not a chance. Dobbs and FOX News are now fully culpable. 
Go to hell.

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