Wired: Hey Silicon Valley: President Obama Has a To-Do List for You


        Yasmin Green, head of R&D at Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas):
        If you want to dissuade someone from joining a group like
        ISIS, you have to reach them at just the right moment:  before
        they've committed to its cause. I've spent the past year
        talking to people who did join the group, and many of them
        started out with questions about the so-called Islamic
        State--about the effectiveness of its government or the
        legitimacy of its religious claims. ISIS hopes to intercept
        those questions and provide its own answers to them via
        recruitment videos in Arabic, English, French, Russian,
        Chinese, Hebrew, and even sign language. It's very inviting.
        When you talk to people who have joined ISIS, they say that
        this is how they got involved. It started on the open web.

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"A Proposal for Dealing with Terrorist Videos on the Internet" -

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