Off-Topic Crooked Trump: How Trump's Casino Bankruptcies Screwed His Workers 
out of Millions in Retirement Savings

        When pressed about the multiple bankruptcies at his Atlantic
        City casinos, Donald Trump routinely says the episodes
        highlight his business acumen. He made out well, he claims, at
        the expense only of his greedy Wall Street financiers. "These
        lenders aren't babies," he said during a Republican primary
        debate last fall. "These are total killers.  These are not the
        nice, sweet little people that you think, okay?"  Yet among
        those who suffered as a result of Trump's bankruptcies were
        his own casino employees, who collectively lost millions of
        dollars in retirement savings when the company's value
        plummeted.  Trump's company encouraged its employees to invest
        their retirement savings in company stock, according to a
        class-action lawsuit filed by employees against Trump Hotels &
        Casino Resorts following its 2004 bankruptcy.  Then, when the
        stock price was near its nadir as bankruptcy loomed, the
        company forced the employees to sell their stock at a huge
        loss. More than 400 employees lost a total of more than $2
        million from their retirement accounts, the lawsuit states.

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