Thai Journalist and Two Other Critics of Military-Led Government Face Sedition 
Charges Over Facebook Posts

        In the past week, three Facebook users in Thailand were
        charged with sedition over posts criticizing the military-led
        government.  Veteran journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk, Watana
        Muangsook of the Pheu Thai political party, and former energy
        minister Pichai Naripthaphan were informed by the police about
        the sedition charges.  The military grabbed power in 2014 and
        continues to rule the country through a Constitution it passed
        in 2016. Aside from strictly regulating the media, it has been
        aggressively prosecuting individuals accused of either
        insulting the monarchy or criticizing the junta. Thailand
        implements a Lese Majeste (anti-Royal Insult) law, which
        critics believe is being abused by the army to silence
        dissident voices.

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