Internal Messages Show Some Googlers Supported Fired Engineer's Manifesto

        Damore's treatise invited derision internally as well.  At one
        point on Friday, on a thread titled "Why the focus on sex
        instead of race?," a Google employee noted that "the paper is
        striking at a lot of people's values. But I think it's failing
        to bite an important bullet, failing to follow its ideas to
        their inevitable conclusion." Then, in an apparent attempt to
        highlight the absurdity of Damore's case, the employee asks,
        "Does the author think we should be more willing to consider
        essentialist explanations for the company's racial makeup?"
        Damore, however, seems to have missed the question's sardonic

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I've been asked back onto "Coast to Coast AM" radio tonight to discuss
the firing and this entire situation.

Yeah, we already know that there are a lot of sexist, jerk guys in
tech who would support this sexist rot. And who the bloody hell is
leaking out all this stuff from internal Google groups? Seems like
there are a few more people who should be fired.

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