In response to anti-diversity memo, YouTube CEO says sexism in tech is 

        YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has responded to the Google
        anti-diversity memo, writing in a column for Fortune that the
        questioning of women's abilities is "pervasive" in tech and
        that the memo is "yet another discouraging signal to young
        women who aspire to study computer science." Wojcicki opens by
        saying her daughter asked her, "Is it true that there are
        biological reasons why there are fewer women in tech and
        leadership?" Wojcicki says no, it's not true, but the question
        has still plagued her throughout her career. "I've had
        meetings with external leaders where they primarily addressed
        the more junior male colleagues. I've had my comments
        frequently interrupted and my ideas ignored until they were
        rephrased by men. No matter how often this all happened, it
        still hurt," she wrote.

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