Married former [high level] Trump staffer fathered love child with fellow aide 
on campaign trail while his own wife was pregnant

        A married former Donald Trump staffer fathered a love child
        with a fellow aide on the campaign trail while his own wife
        was pregnant.  Trump transition adviser A.J. Delgado, 36,
        announced the birth of her baby boy William on July 10, after
        her alleged two-month affair with Jason Miller, 41, who was
        initially announced as the White House communications director
        for the new administration but then turned down the role days
        later.  Just weeks after Delgado learned she was pregnant,
        Miller's wife Kelly - who is still married to the former Trump
        aide - gave birth to their second child in January.

  = = =

Two ex-Trump staffers had a love child, and the situation is getting ugly

        Not surprisingly, Miller's statement about welcoming William's
        birth didn't go over well with Delgado, who took to Twitter to
        call out Miller for claiming he and his family were happy
        about his birth ... Delgado also claimed that Miller has yet
        to contribute any money to his new son or purchase him a
        single gift.

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This story is all over the wires, and the related Twitter messages are public.

Here we have more examples of typical hypocritical Chump cronies. Jason
in particular is a serious scumbag -- he's a frequent Chump booster on
CNN (at least for the moment). It's all 100% Chump, through and through.

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