GOP Senate candidate defends sharing tweet that called for ban on mosques: 'So 

        Gary Emineth, a Republican candidate for US Senate in North
        Dakota, defended in a radio interview Friday sharing an image
        on Twitter that said no more mosques should be built in the
        United States ... Emineth also defended other posts revealed
        by CNN's KFile, including calling former President Barack
        Obama a "POS" when sharing an article. Emineth claimed he did
        not know "POS" was a common acronym for "piece of shit."  "You
        know what POS stands for in my world? I'm in the grocery
        business -- point of sale. It's the cash register," Emineth

 - - -

Here's a plan you jerk. We'll keep the mosques, and YOU can leave the
country. I suggest that you settle in North Korea. You'll fit right

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