[A terrible waste!] Google ends major OS support for Nexus phones and
Pixel tablet


        The first developer preview for the next major version of
        Android--Android P--is out today. These releases occasionally
        come out for supported Google devices, giving developers a
        heads-up on what changes to expect from a coming release. The
        supported device list for this release is a little slim,
        though. The Android P Developer Preview only works on the
        Pixel 1 and 1 XL, the Pixel 2 and 2 XL, and that's it. Support
        has been dropped for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Pixel C
        tablet, which is a big change from the Android 8.1 Developer
        Preview.  After checking with Google, we confirmed that this
        isn't a fluke of the developer preview program--the Nexus 5X,
        6P, and Pixel C won't be getting the final release of Android P .

 - - -

I've said this before and I'll say this again -- and this is an
industry-wide problem (including the cellular carriers), not just a
Google problem. These short support cycles are absolutely an
example of abominable corporate-driven conspicuous consumption and

They force people to buy new phones when their old phones and devices
would still be completely serviceable if the software could be kept up
to date. They waste people's money. Mountains of toxic waste pour into
landfills from the forced disposal of working phone hardware. 

I have phones and tablets (and other Google devices) that are long out
of the short Google support cycles and still work perfectly -- but
ONLY because I know how to root them and install the kinds of
third-party firmware that most non-techies don't know how to deal
with. So they're forced to spend, spend, spend. A TERRIBLE WASTE.

Even worse, once the security upgrades for these devices end, millions
of people are left using vulnerable devices for no justifiable

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