[Hmm ...] Google claims it's going to build its proprietary AMP using Web 


        Google has said that it wants to bring the benefits of its AMP
        specification to sites that stick with Web standards, offering
        them the same prominent search positioning that it currently
        only gives to sites using its proprietary tech.  The 2015
        introduction of Google's AMP, "Accelerated Mobile Pages," has
        been deeply contentious within the Web community. AMP is based
        on HTML, JavaScript, and other related technologies, with a
        bunch of non-standard alterations and restrictions to, Google
        says, achieve a number of things that are useful, especially
        for mobile browsers ... Opponents of AMP also argue that AMP
        is unnecessary; it's possible to build fast Web content simply
        by not doing things that are slow; it's one thing for Google
        to prioritize fast content, but that should be open to any
        content that happens to load and render quickly, not content
        that jumps through special Google hoops.

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