Yes, one does need the shift key. Nothing happens with a plain cmd+, but cmdShift+ does the trick.

On other apps (Terminal for example), the shift is not necessary. (I guess the Terminal developers thought that no-one would use cmd= for anything.

To make the font size smaller, cmd- works fine - does not need a shift. (The upper case is an underscore..)

Thanks much - Bob G

On 07/15/2017 02:45 PM, Dave Page wrote:

You can adjust the zoom with Cmd+ (iirc - it's Ctrl on other platforms). You may need shift as well, if + is a shift key.

There is a list of shortcut keys in the docs.


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On 14 Jul 2017, at 19:38, Bob Gustafson < <>> wrote:

I have a MacAir 11" with uptodate OS and pgadmin4 1.5

According to the docs, there might be an overrides.css file where I could make those tweeks. Haven't found it yet.

It would be even nicer if the display would respond to the Command + and Command - keystrokes for changing the size of characters.


A very helpful piece of software though.

Thanks much.

Bob G

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