Hi Harshal!

There are a few files in which there are leftover imports that are not
needed anymore:

   - PGDataypeFeatureTest
   - PgadminPage
   - CheckForXssFeatureTest
   - CheckDebuggerForXssFeatureTest

We also noticed that there were quite a few time.sleep functions that were
removed. This seems great overall, but we think that some of them were in
place because of varying network and computer speeds. So for example, in
QueryToolFeatureTest, there is an ajax call that was followed by a
time.sleep to ensure that it had finished executing before continuing to
execute. Removing this may reintroduce some flakiness. If there are no
issues with flakiness after this patch, it seems like a great idea. We ran
the tests a few times and didn't notice any flakiness, but we're unsure if
it will be a problem on a different system.

Wenlin & Sarah

On Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 9:32 PM, Harshal Dhumal <
harshal.dhu...@enterprisedb.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Please find attached patch to improve feature test execution time.
> Now on my machine overall execution time is cut down to 280 seconds from
> 400+ seconds
> Changes:
> 1. Removed fixed python time.sleeps where ever possible.
> 2. Removed connect to server test cases.
> 3. Query tool test cases:
>      i. Merged 3 test cases On demand result on scroll, grid select all
> and column select all.
>      ii. Merged 3 test cases Explain query, Explain query with verbose and
> Explain query with cost.
>      iii. Merged 3 test cases Explain analyze query, Explain analyze with
> buffers and Explain analyze             with timing.
> 4. Improved debugger XSS test case execution time.
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