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>>> Hi
>>> The patch looks good, do we have any example error that we can test in
>>> order to ensure the problem no longer shows up in the future?
>>> If they could be Unit Tests instead of Feature tests that would be
>>> awesome, because Feature tests are much more expensive then Unit.
>> I think we need to consider a couple of options here:
>> 1) Make sure that many/all of our tests use non-ASCII names.
>> +1
>> 2) Consider adding a mechanism to allow running the regression tests with
>> overridden GUC values. For example, a parameter in the test config file
>> that gives a set of GUCs to change upon connection.
>> The downside of 2 of course, is that it adds a huge amount of possible
>> environment combinations to test.
>> We should implement this as it would be very helpful in reducing the
> testing efforts.
> But as you said there will be large set of combinations, so first we need
> to come up with the possible combinations which we would like to include
> first.

Well, we could just update the framework to include a list of GUCs and
values in the JSON config, then we can test in different configs as needed.

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