Hello Murtuza,
Do we have to have that present in python in order for it to work in the
I am asking this because we didn't saw any request to the backend trying to
fetch this information.


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> Hi Joao,
> Just like 'nodes' & 'children' operation, You have to implement several
> other methods,
> *'obj'* - To create, update, delete & properties for External Tables
> Ref: ../foreign_tables/__init__.py: 193
> Which will call associated methods, def create(..), def update(...), def
> delete(...) & def properties(...)
> *'sql'* - Displays reversed engineered sql on SQL panel
> Which will call to method def sql(...) method
> *'msql'* - Displays reversed engineered sql on Create/Properties dialog
> Which will call to method def msql(...) method
> *'stats'* -Displays object statistics sql on Statistics panel
> Which will call to method def statistics(...) method
> *'dependency'* - Displays object dependencies on Dependencies panel
> Which will call to method def dependencies(...) method
> *'dependent'* - Displays object dependents on SQL panel
> Which will call to method def dependents(...) method
> Hope that helps.
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> Regards,
> Murtuza Zabuawala
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> On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 9:08 PM, Joao De Almeida Pereira <
> jdealmeidapere...@pivotal.io> wrote:
>> Hello Hackers,
>> Need some pointers while creating new node on ACI Tree.
>> In GreenPlum there is a concept of External Tables that are more or less
>> similar to Foreign Wrappers, but different. So we started implementing a
>> new node for it.
>> We copied the Foreign Wrappers node and started it playing with it. The
>> current status:
>> We can see the External Tables node, when we open it we see the External
>> Tables.
>> The problem that we are facing now is when we select a table and then
>> press the tabs 'SQL' or Properties nothing happens. What do we need to do
>> in order for this to work?
>> Maybe the choice of foreign Wrappers was not the best to start off, but
>> we would appreciate some help to make this work.
>> Attached you can find the code that I currently have.
>> Thanks
>> Joao

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