This is awesome. Always have interests to use pgAgent; however, the
official documentation about installing is obscure and stop me from getting
into it... I honestly cannot get any clue about steps I should do from this link.

Maybe installing pgagent is easy to a lot of people. There are still a lot
of people asking questions of pgagent installation in Stackoverflow.

Can any one contribute a step by step tutorial? I will truly appreciate it.

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On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 9:00 AM, Dave Page <> wrote:

> The pgAdmin Development Team are pleased to announce the release of
> pgAgent v4.0.0.
> pgAgent is a job scheduler for PostgreSQL; for more information please see
> the documentation included as part of the pgAdmin documentation at
> Download (source):
> We expect DEB and RPM packages to be available from the PostgreSQL APT/YUM
> repositories in due course, as well as an updated installer from
> EnterpriseDB available through StackBuilder.
> Notable changes in this release include:
> - Remove the dependency on wxWidgets. pgAgent now uses Boost for thread
> management and synchronisation [Neel Patel]
> - Refactor connection parsing logic to fix issues with and improve
> handling of connection strings [Thomas Krennwallner]
> - Handle 2 digit server version numbers [Ashesh Vashi]
> - Fix handling of the "succeeded" flag on job steps which could prevent
> failure of steps causing the following steps to fail [Sanket Mehta]
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